Graduation dresses: trends and dress code

Looking for your graduation dress? The months of celebrating the end of studies are approaching. A very life-like moment full of excitement, which well deserves a special look. Many of you ask us for advice on choosing your outfit. For this reason, we have collected in this post the tips that can help you comply with the protocol in a ceremony of these characteristics.

Is there a dress code at graduations?


Like any event: weddings, baptisms or institutional events... graduations also have a protocol. Although in recent years we can find a multitude of dresses in Google searches and social media with the graduation label or hashtag. Not everyone is advisable to wear on this day.

Graduations are a formal event. Whether in high school or at the end of a university degree or master's degree. The occasion and the reason represent an important step in work or student life. Choosing the ideal look is sometimes difficult. For this reason, we are going to review those tips that can help when choosing and feeling comfortable in the environment with your outfit.

Pants or dress?


Both options are correct. As for the length of the dress. Strict protocol marks midi dresses, although the length is usually the most chosen option. A-line dresses are ideal, as they help stylize the figure. To avoid, dresses with a train or too short, miniskirt style.

Dress pants are the best choice. Well combined with a top and jacket or with a thin layer, it is a great success. Likewise, jumpsuits, which are also a very elegant option that can later be combined with a daily outfit.

What color to choose?


When choosing the color of a graduation dress we think about basic colors: navy blue, green... For the most daring ones it can be red or fuchsia pink. An interesting tip could be to combine the color with that of the graduation band.


To avoid that yes, glitter in gold, silver, or sequins, since they are reserved for more festive looks. Also black.

The type of neckline that best suits you


Plunging necklines are usually not suitable for graduation. If we want to wear a dress with a neckline, we can combine it with a cape of the same tone and style, which will give it a more chic touch; or with a shawl.

Choose the perfect accessories


Graduation is a solemn event, not an evening event or a wedding. Going for few accessories and not too many flashy ones is the perfect option. As for the heel, a medium and comfortable size is better, taking into account that you have to walk.

What hairstyle to opt for?

A casual but organized look. Loose hair with marked waves. A semi-updo or a low bun can be options that adapt perfectly to a graduation event. Avoid elaborate updos or hair accessories.


With these tips you can look perfect and comfortable on your graduation day. If you are looking for a perfect look, write to us and our team, whether in an online store or a physical store, will advise you to choose the best option.

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