Bridal Trends 2024


It's not just white and simple lines.


 It is the essence of a way of life.


 In the search for beauty, on the most important day.


Veneno en la Piel wants to present a proposal for an urban, sexy and elegant woman who values ​​comfort without giving up wearing an exclusive design. So that you can be the perfect, confident and comfortable bride on your most special day.


Bodies fitted at the waist and soft silhouettes in skirts:


We opt for a bride, with bodies fitted at the waist, highlighting the chest, with soft silhouettes in the skirts, flared or mermaid-shaped. Both long, medium or extra long with large tails. Veneno en la Piel dresses with clean cuts, when necessary, to feel special and precious on one of the most important days of your life, your wedding. Whether it is a civil or religious wedding, whether it is a formal or informal wedding, for all types of weddings, we have your perfect dress.


Necklines that enhance the figure:


Elegance is not incompatible with being sexy and comfortable and that is why we have created wide V-shaped necklines, strapless or halter necks, which enhance your image and enhance it. As a novelty in 2024, we propose brides with corsets incorporated into their dresses, a must for 2024 in the bridal sector.


Veneno en la Piel, also wants to give importance to another of the trends for this 2024, such as backs with necklines up to the waist, complementing the bridal look with a row of endless buttons or also more discreet necklines for those more classic brides to provide the bride extra comfort.


Trendy details:


We don't want to leave aside details that will make your wedding outfit trendy. We propose accessories and wide sleeves with cuffs decorated with rhinestones, feathers or embroidery. These help to subtly define the silhouette, enhancing and highlighting the dress for that special day.


Fabrics with movement:


The details make the difference in a bride, the quality of the dress and the fabrics so that your wedding dress flows with the movements, soft and draped, with fabrics that are the protagonists of our 2023 brides such as chiffon or different crepes with a wide variety of weights. and textures. We present to you for 2024 bridal looks with elastic crepes, which will allow you to give the outfit more freedom and also materials with more body such as taffeta, satin or mikado. All this variety of fabrics will allow you to choose the most suitable look to feel like the most special bride in 2024.


The Veneno en la Piel team has created a versatile 2024 bridal collection for any moment of the wedding, planning all the essential details for such a special day. Feel special, feel like a girlfriend Poison on your skin.


And, don't forget, in our bridal atelier, we can make the adjustments and modifications that you need for each of you. Because for us, we love accompanying you on one of the most special days of your life. We also make exclusive and unique designs.


We are already waiting for you! If you want to feel like a unique, urban, sexy and exclusive bride, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.


Call us and schedule the day that suits you best, our team of advisors will make you feel like the most special bride.


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