The bridal cape is one of the most stylish accessories for winter weddings. Although there is the option of completing a bridal look with a coat to protect yourself from low temperatures; The bridal cape option is the favorite option for brides who prefer a current and modern look.
In Veneno en la Piel brides section, we present you a very special wedding. A ceremony and celebration under the snow of the Andorran mountains. Mariona and Jordi, the protagonists of this link. They said I do on the same ski slopes, which have been a testament to their relationship. Could it be more romantic?
Mariona came to Veneno en la Piel looking for a unique and special accessory for her big day. A bridal cape to cover her from the cold, as it was a winter wedding in the snowen mountains. Our designer, Toni Francesc, set out to create, first the outline of what would be a unique, elegant and warm bridal cape. It was a personalized, unique and special design. The bride's cape was going to have a special role in the ceremony. The final result was spectacular, as you can see in the images.
From our team it is always a pleasure to advise you and give free rein to your dreams, so that your big day is perfect. Either with the design of your dress or a special accessory, as in this case it was the bridal cape.
If you are thinking about your marriage, and need an assessment or clothing proof, do not hesitate to contact our Atelier. You can schedule your appointment online at 933 102 330 at 96 Laforja street in Barcelona.

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