Winter is coming, as they would say in Game of Thrones, the cold arrives and with it come dates marked on our calendar: business dinners, dinners with friends or the Christmas parties and dinners themselves. The time has come to show off your best clothes and be the perfect guest at all the scheduled events.


We don't want to miss the opportunity to recommend and give you tips to get outfits in line with the trends.


The dress is still the king to look like a perfect guest


Sophistication and elegance. The dress continues to be the king of kings among the perfect guest outfits at the most important social events of the year. The first thing to choose is the type of dress according to the event. If we opt for a short dress, highly recommended for company parties, Christmas Eve or Christmas; or if we prefer a long dress, ideal for gala dinners or of course the icing on the cake, which is the end of the year.


From there, we recommend playing with the fabrics to give the total look elegant, simple and fresh for your outfit. Sequins, satin and velvet are the perfect choice to be an ideal guest.


Protect yourself from the cold with a touch of elegance: team jacket or cape?


Elegance in a look is not at odds with covering your shoulders. On the contrary. A cape or jacket in combination with your dress or outfit will help protect you from the cold and give a touch of sophistication to your perfect guest outfit. The options that we propose from Veneno en la Piel can be found in our online shop. Tweet jackets with midi sleeves, which fit perfectly with our dresses. Fur jackets in many colors, others made of crepe or sequins to match the dress. You can also opt for the cape, nowadays one of the rising trends for the perfect guest that is here to stay.


It's the season for Velvet and sequins: two must haves in your closet


Difficult to choose one or the other. Both are a classic. Velvet is one of the historical symbols of elegance. It is comfortable and provides a point of warmth. It is always more sober, but, as you can see in our shopping there are also more daring looks in dresses that have their counterpoint.


And if you are one of those who surrender to glitter, don't miss out on sequins in your closet. Because this winter 2023-2024 they are a must have. In long dresses, in jackets that are very combinable with a daily outfit. We surrender to them.


And here is a small guide to our favorites for these holidays. What perfect guest looks would you choose?

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