Designs inspired by the secrets of nature and the mysteries of the cosmos, this collection is a journey into the unknown, where each dress is a portal to a dream world. The colors, like brushstrokes in an impressionist painting, intertwine in a symphony of vibrant and evocative tones. From the passion red that sets hearts alight, to the dark blue or bougainvillea that whispers eternal love, each color tells a unique and captivating story.


The delicate and seductive fabrics caress the skin like a soft whisper in the ear. Lace, with its intricate beauty, is intertwined in a dance of elegance and sensuality. Satin, with its subtle shine, envelops the body like an embrace of luxury and sophistication. And chiffon, ethereal and eternal, creates an illusion of movement and lightness that transports women to a fantasy world.


The bold and enigmatic shapes and silhouettes challenge conventions and open the doors to suggestive sensuality and personal expression of the female body. The long dresses, with their asymmetrical cuts and open backs, reveal a mysterious and seductive eroticism. Bodices with wide necklines and accompanied by voluminous, straight or flared skirts, radiate a youthful and daring energy. Each shape and silhouette is an invitation to explore one's own essence and embrace the unique beauty of each woman.


The textures add a touch of mystery to each dress. The embossed details, like little hidden secrets, invite you to discover the beauty hidden in every fold and seam. The shiny finishes, like flashes of light in the dark, create an aura of glamor and sophistication that envelops women in a halo of elegance.


In this 2024 collection, Veneno en la Piel design team has worked on a unique and transcendental experience. Each dress is a creation that embodies the essence of beauty and elegance. It’s a search for feminine sensuality without giving up comfort, an invitation to explore the limits of fashion and embrace one's own essence.




Veneno en la Piel, invites you to immerse yourself in a dream world and discover the magic of the 2024 collection.

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